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An Interview with Sam Nickless

“I think the very linear progression of a career is quite outdated,” Sam Nickless says. “It should be a zig-zag from different opportunities.” His attitude is a reflection of his own career, which has seen…

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The STEM of the Problem

In an era of technological innovation and vaulting shifts towards automation in Australia’s and the world’s workforces, there is an increasing need for workers to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) disciplines….

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Commercial Law in the Australian Legal Market

THE PLAYERS. THE CHANGES. THE OPPORTUNITIES. THE THREATS. The landscape of the Australian commercial legal market is changing rapidly. The Australian law firms willing to embrace the disruption will thrive, while those that hesitate will…

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A Retailer Rollercoaster

The notion that Woolworths would lose almost a dozen of their senior management team, including the chief executive and chairman, within the space of a few months would have been absurd a year ago. So…

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Corporate patriarchy in East Asia

Meet Yu Fei. Having received a PhD degree from Fudan University, she is a successful manager of a telecommunications firm in Shanghai. Fluent in three languages, Yu Fei is an accomplished pianist and a regular…

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A place in the sun: Sunswift

In a world where the burning of fossil fuels is accelerating climate change, humanity must pursue sustainable alternatives to current practices. The pervasive use of cars throughout society in particular calls for attention. By emitting…